Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Sketchbook Project _Tour 2011

A few months ago while doodling, I randomly googled the words 'Doodle Sketchbook' and a link took me to the homepage of The Sketchbook Project. Within 48 hours I registered for the project and was waiting for a sketchbook to reach me.

Anyone could register with them and they would send you a Moleskine Sketchbook. All you had to do was fill the book with your art based on a theme you picked and send it back to them before a specific date. The Sketchbook then goes on a tour across few galleries in the US after which it becomes a part of the Brooklyn Art Library. The bad part - you don't get your sketchbook back. 

This was what they sent me. 'Down Your Street' was the theme I chose and had about three months to complete it. I was excited with my  major plans for the book and thought I could easily finish ten such books in three months. Two months later, my brother opens the book to find two finished doodles and asks me how much money I "wasted" on the book?

I made another of my major plans and decided to finally fill the book up. I bought a special jacket for my sketchbook and a compartmentalized pouch for my art supplies so I could carry them with me wherever I went. That very day I get to know about my indefinite official trip to Rajasthan for some non-stop shooting. Sketchbook  - forgotten in the corner of my suitcase.

I had completed about 7 doodles with all the traveling and was caught up with work, work and more work. Fifteen days left and not half my book was filled. Panic Attack. I doodled everywhere. Slept less. Inconvenienced my flatmate with my lack of sleep, bad temper and a messy house.  But like most stories it had a happy ending, I finished the book and managed to mail it on time.

My art supplies for the project

I like intricate details on my doodles but missed out the detailing on this project. Below are few sketches from my FINISHED Sketchbook.

Register for the 2012 Tour, the whole experience is great fun.They have several other interesting projects, check them out at
And if you ever happen to be in Brooklyn go look at my sketchbook at the Brooklyn Art Library.Take a picture with it and mail it to me. 

Meanwhile, here's  the digitized version of my sketchbook


  1. Excellent! Congratulations. A very inspiring blog.

  2. I felt so happy while reading this. Cannot wait to go to the library and dig out your book. :)

  3. I love the use of my favourite bed cover in the art supplies pictures.